Installing WordPress

Now that I have that fixed… I’m off to setup WordPress
I’m using the instructions found here WordPress@T2

Ok, it didn’t start when I type the address, I’m sure because I have my files in www\foldername I also found out my drupal sites weren’t working.

Here is what I found out after playing around and searching out information on the web.

xampp\appache\conf\extra\httpd-vhosts.conf needs:


(for xampp)
ServerName localhost
DocumentRoot /xampp/htdocs/

(for drupal)
<VirtualHost working.tst:80>
ServerName working.tst
DocumentRoot /www/drupal-5/

(for wordpress)
<VirtualHost wpworking.tst:80>
ServerName wpworking.tst
DocumentRoot C:/www/wordpress/

working.tst is one of my drupal sites, you can have more then one running on the same installation.
wpworking.tst is my WordPress site, you need full intallations for each wordpress site you want.
You need a VirtualHost for each site you want to run.

xampp\appache\conf\httpd.conf needs, in addition to the changes I made previously:

Below <IfModule dir_module></IfModule>

<Directory “/www/drupal-5”>
Order allow,deny
Allow from all
AllowOverride All

<Directory “C:/www”>
Order allow,deny
Allow from all
AllowOverride All

To be honest I’m not sure if you need both, or if just moving it, made the difference, but at this point I’m not changing anything.

windows\system32\drivers\ect\hosts needs: localhost working.tst wpworking.tst

After making the above changes, I can access drupal sites I’ve already created, install WordPress and access XXAMP starting page.

I haven’t tried adding an additional Drupal site, or another WordPress site. As WordPress requires an additional install, I’m sure I just need to add to each for the new location. As for Drupal, because I run it from an install.php I’m sure it would be the same. When I try, I’ll let you know if it worked.


Sites that had information I used:


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