Installing Drupal locally

So I have my local server running and I’m ready to install Drupal. I will install it into a folder inside the XAMPP folder called drupal.

I extracted the files into the drupal folder and it created a drupal-5.2 folder which I will leave as I may be installing 6.0 at some point to play with.

I added to the folder sites/all a modules and themes folder as per node 53705. I will be adding the other folders it suggests as well. I’m creating 5 sites so will have 5 folders with a files, modules, themes, tmp, and settings.php in them.

Ok… don’t know what I just did. I went to start apache, and mysql and I clicked on Admin, and put in a user name and password, and mySQL quit. Unchecked service and restarted it.

Went to in a brower and selected under tools. phpMyAdmin, had to log in with the root password.

before doing anything I read node 161975 so I decided to move my drupal sites to c:\sites for easy backup.

Ok I’m going to create my databases per my own instruction from node 120647#comment-207386
I am naming the database the same name as the site address I’ve set up.

I noticed a error in MyPHPAdmin. Cannot load mcrypt extention. I found some information that said to uncomment the mcrypt extension in the php.ini files. I’m going to try it. Logging out of myPHP. Opened up the php.ini file in xampp\apache\bin, searched for mcrypt, and removed the ; in front of it closed and saved. Stopping the MySql and Apache services and restarting. Ok restarted reaccessed, and I appear to be good to go.

Ran into total problems, and lost everything I had typed… now I’m going to go back to WAMP.

I installed without any of the extra stuff like drupal… I did the security things like changing listen 80, and the password. If I did it right from the command prompt :o/

Now I’m going back to drupal I hope

Created all my databases again….

It was a no go. So I unstalled, and deleted and restored. Will have to start back at the beginning. I tried a ton of stuff to get access and nothing worked.


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