Getting back to Drupal installing a localhost server.

Well I’m ready to get back to designing and launching I need to move it to my new host, so need to get my computer back into action as a server after my hd issues.

I’ve decided to stick with WAMP and not go with XAMP because I know I got the former working before… so why mess with a working thing right? Although looking at the installation stuff again has me a bit nervous again. I know I figured it out before right?

So hear we go… I started the install, and I’m going with the full installation, leaving everything that was checked checked, except I’m unchecking all the Web-Framework Applications cuz they are old versions. Actually now that I’m thinking about this… I might just give XAMP a try. As their version is newer… don’t you just hate having to decide what to go with??? I know I do…. the forum at XAMP is free, but their documentation isn’t so goo. WAMP’s documentation is good, but you can’t post at the forum unless you pay for support. What to do what to do. Because of versions and the forum I’m changing my mind and going with XAMP…

Using 7-zip I exacted to c:\xampp
Ok it did what I didn’t want it to do which was create a xampp folder so I have c:\xampp\xampp. I’m going to move everything from there into just xampp and then delete the xtra xampp folder.

Now lets see if it starts. From the looks of what I read I need to run xampp-control.exe it opens a small application window, and I did get a warning for directory mismatch? not sure why. Well see if that causes trouble later. The status check is OK. I’m just going to start Apache at this point.

I received a warning message from XP and selected unblock. The control Panel says it’s running… so let’s check it out. I’m opening my browser and going to access http://localhost and see what happens. Bingo! I’m selecting English.

It suggests checking my status so I’m doing that now.
I have mySQL database as deactivated
php activated
https activated
CGI: Activated
SSI: Activated
SMTP: Deactivated
FTP: Deactivated
As I didn’t start mysql this makes sense. I’m not sure I want smtp or ftp at this point so they are ok too.

I’m going to start it and see what happens. I clicked back on the CP for XAMPP and am selecting start for MySQL. I again got a warning from XP and clicked unblock. Status check shows MySQL Activated.

As I am only running this locally. I don’t really need to worry about security, but I had read something for WAMP that suggested there were some changes I should make to secure this from someone accessing some files via an incoming attack. So I’m going to do some security steps.

I’m going to access the security. I’m changing the password for the superuser in mysql, and adding a user and password for the directory.

I need to restart MySQL for it to take effect. Stopped and restarted. I didn’t reboot so I’m not sure if it actually changed.

I’m also going to look at something I read from WAMP.
Under C:/www/Apache22/conf/httpd.conf, change ‘Listen 80’ to ‘Listen’

Under C:/www/Apache22/conf/extra/httpd-ssl.conf, change ‘Listen 443’ to ‘Listen’

Shutting everything down to take a look.
I made the above changes, and I’m going to reboot, just to make sure everything is accepted as changed.

I’m in and everything is active… Drupal install next time.



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