Still working on getting back to normal 2 days later…

Well if any of you have had to reformat your hard drive (Tower) due to either you or something screwing up your stuff… well you know how I feel. I have made myself a promise… I am going to do a full system backup once I have everything I use installed. I say this every time and never do it. But I wouldn’t be still working 2 days later if I had done it.

So instead of being the 8 of Wands, I’m going to be the 4 of Pents. No rushing… and keeping it all controlled.

Anyway with all this going on, I’ve gotten really behind with my VO work. Guess that’s the bummer of working alone and for yourself… you have no one to fall back on. I do actually have someone I could get to assist a bit, but she’s in Walt Disney World :o) I hope enjoying herself and her family.

I finally also got my answering machine… not sure how much switching to the $10 ATT line is going to be… but my connection should be better 😉

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