Working for The Practical Coach

Some of ya might know and some of ya might not know and some of ya don’t know me so LOL I’ve been working for Dawn Falbe AstrologerDawn and Gina Concotelli Align With Your Design doing office work virtually. It’s been an interesting experience. I really like it, and working in my jammies isn’t hard 😉 I also created Gina’s website. Pop on over and take a look.

I’ve always wanted to work from home and created a business but still needed to work while I’m building it. This has worked out great. I get to experience some really wonderful people as many are very spiritual and into their intuition. So it makes it really nice.

If your looking for a way to add coaching to your practice or need a bit of Marketing know how, you should check out their courses. I really like that the Marketing class includes not only a bit of individual coaching, but who you are Astrologically and via Human Design.

It’s great when the universe send you just what you need and want :o)


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