the Four of Stones

I have a 5 drawer tall dresser from my father, that I use as a catch all. I don't use it as a dresser for cloths, but something to keep my clutter in. On the top I've created somewhat of a alter. A while back, I started using the Shining Tribe Tarot as part meditation, part prayer, part daily lesson. I did this for a while and truth be told, my day's went much more smoothly. The last I drew a card it was the Four of Stones. And there it sat for weeks… at least 2. I never read about the card, nor really looked at it. It just sat propped up on my alter as my life moved quicker and quicker. From being behind on this to caught up on that. The dust settled around it, and yet it still sat there looking at me as I'd pass it by.

This past weekend was much to busy. The last week, I was on the computer 10 hours a day. I didn't want to do the things I normally enjoy. It was all just a chore now. I had lost my inner harmony and balance. So even through I didn't have the time, I knew I wouldn't begin to get back to where I need to be without taking a bit of time for prayer.

So back into the deck went the Four of Stones, without ever having been looked at or into. Shuffle shuffle and cut cut, and what do I draw? the Four of Stones.

What does that all mean?


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